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Jayne Hope, Certified Health Coach, BEd Phys Ed, GradDipBusMgt

With fuelife health coaching you can achieve better health and live with vitality by being mindful but realistic about what you eat. Our food and lifestyle training is a game changer to your health & energy levels.

The approach:
fuelife adopts a practical and common sense approach; to inspire and help you stay focused on the big picture to achieve your health goals. Personal Coaching takes on many forms. Fuelife isn’t Boot Camp. And it isn’t sensitive new world clap-trap. I have always believed that the most important thing in working towards health and wellness is the very first step you take. It is about motivation and a positive mindset.

Our process helps you ”to get your head in the game” - it’s brain training to break old habits and establish new ones. We know from experience that all it takes for many people is to get the issues that worry them out into the open. Once you tell someone that you are committed to a programme that commitment becomes so much more compelling. We help you over the threshold that holds you back from committing to a better you.THRIVE!

Everything we do works on a physical and mental level. It isn’t just an approach that looks at calories in and out. Rather it looks at you, looks at a practical way of life that sets aside the time you need to get fit and lets you eat foods that make sense for your circumstances.

Customised and delivered one on one, each Health Enhancement Program has a unique flexibility to address changing issues as the program progresses. fuelife’s approach is to keep clients focused on their personal health milestones, helping them through obstacles throughout their journey. fuelife health coaching model believes in motivating clients to get their head in the game. We recognise achieving health goals requires a substantial investment of attitude. Coaching is an essential tool.

My philosophy:

  • I’m passionate about helping people create a healthy diet with my fuelife Food and Lifestyle Training program, concentrating on eating unprocessed real food
  • a simple “back to basics approach” , also addressing lifestyle issues to tame stress. I create realistic programs by assisting you to make a few small changes gradually. It’s all about moving to improved health and well-being with a regime you can sustain.

I’m a believer in eating positively, focusing on what we can add in to make you feel great. Over time, you’ll feel better; your body will work more effectively with greater focus and you will be able to get the most out of each day. I believe good health can give you resilience to move through life with increased vitality and happiness.